Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Apple's Tablet 30 Times Microsoft Sales

Apple's Tablet 30 Times Microsoft Sales: This information is particularly unhappy with the software giant Microsoft . 
Apple's Tablet 30 Times Microsoft Sales
According to the latest report Microsoft earned only 835 million revenue stream from tablet Surface since October last year to June this year. 

It was a disappointing figure if you know that Apple managed to collect about $ 25 billion from the sale of the iPad which is approximately 29.5 times the opponent.

Previously, Microsoft had decided to use Surface to create a brand name tablet on the market powerful Windows while reducing the influence of rival Apple . 

However, the above two objectives of the company have failed. Most recently, the company had to reduce 30% of the Surface RT prices to maintain sales.

Microsoft declined to give specific sales line tablet Surface but the average selling price of 650 USD / unit, can be predicted it has sold approximately 1.3 million units in the last 9 months. At the aforementioned time Apple has shipped nearly 57 million iPads.

However, Microsoft spoke said they did not abandon the tablet market and will continue to introduce the next generation of Surface samples in the next few months.

Most recently, Microsoft also received bad news when partner Nokia complaining about them too slow to roll out new updates as well as additional applications on the Windows Phone platform which leads to the Nokia 's failure to compete with rivals using Android and iOS platforms.


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