Thursday, 25 July 2013

Asia Future Of Mobile Internet

Asia Future Of Mobile Internet: Mobile internet subscribers in developing countries has increased 27 times compared to 2007 compared with increase of only four times in developed world.
Asia Future Of Mobile Internet
According to estimates by the International Tele communications Union (ITU) in 2013 the number of mobile Internet users in developing countries will pass the first time developing countries. 

Previously in the old market, with the application of network equipment subsidies sales of high end equipment has made remarkable progress. However, the next phase of growth will occur in emerging markets with customer demand for cheaper devices, cheaper fee to access the service is cheaper.

This change creates significant challenges for large corporations such as Apple and Samsung the two companies have produced more than half of the smartphones sold around the world.

ITU also predicts that in 2013 the number of mobile Internet users in the Asia Pacific region will more than Europe and America combined. And still countless opportunities for development: there are only about 23/100 Asians are mobile Internet users. 

This figure is 67 in Europe and 48 in the Americas. Mr. Scott Lee an official of Exponential Interactive Advertising Group (USA) said that Asia will be the driving force behind the growth of mobile internet around the globe over the next two decades.

This growth has been largely due to the equipment cheaper than similar devices in the developed countries. China the largest mobile market in the world is emerging as a fierce battle when the foreign corporations face intense competition from local rivals. 

For example, the Chinese company Xiaomi sells handsets to the iPhone looks identical to Apple but the price is only half the iPhone 5.

But in India, the competition is even more intense. In the mobile market is the world's second largest the price of a cheap Android phone was cut in half to just $ 50. Even this price is likely to fall further $ 20 more next year, lower than the product of cheap phones Nokia or Samsung.

Firm Marketer estimates that between now and 2017 China and India will account for over 28% of subscribers using the new smartphone world. During this period the number of subscribers using smartphones own India will also tripled.

What's surprising is the speed of the user receiving the services for leading mobile internet is very fast even when the network is not very good quality.

However, limited coverage or access fees associated with expensive 3G phone and SMS services to many users still hesitate. Last year according to market research firm Euromonitor 62% of mobile phones sold in China are smartphones but only 16% of subscribers have access to the mobile Internet.

He S. Mohan site founder Spuul Bollywood films commented: I found that if you have a smart device you will be in great demand. Therefore, prices smartphones increasingly cheaper and on a number of clients increases the future of the mobile internet will be in Asia.


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