Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Bill Gates Microsoft Will Not Return

Bill Gates Microsoft Will Not Return: As CEO Ballmer belong to the early 2000s is no longer a concern of Gates though Microsoft has goodwill. 
Bill Gates Microsoft Will Not Return
Like when you return Gates will become  Director of Technology.

Currently Gates is still chairman of Microsoft . He brought footprint, such as a seismic with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, savings worldwide. 

Appearing recently at Summit Research Science Microsoft but Bill Gates seems to show signs of a do not go back.

Apparently he was sure Microsoft can not deviate rails according to the direction in which he can continue to finance the projects of Microsoft . 

He also can not return to the building for many years by sticking to our daily and are responsible for it.

Even Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft. But Microsoft is a different company since Gates retired in 6/2008, ending the daily duties of his word. 

Over time Microsoft is operating with new management system, and apparently can not return to the past with the heroic history of Bill Gates it is easy to see why Gates will not return.


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