Thursday, 18 July 2013

Bing Features Search Similar To Google

Bing Features Search Similar To Google: Search engine Bing has recently search results to help users eliminate false results by introducing a number of options. 
Bing Features Search Similar To Google
This functionality is highly valued users because they help reduce the time and filter search results.

An example when searching on Bing for Harry Potter the site will introduce the user to select the search as the movie the characters or the original story. 

Rating after trial suggested functions on Bing intuitive and provides more complete information on the Google.

On 1/6/2009 the new search engine Microsoft has officially opened the door and replace Live Search. Clearly the introduction of Bing at the time that Google dominates along with pummeling of elder Live Search has made ​​people skeptical about its future. 

Launched have pretty long time, but now completely faded before Bing giant Google which can be considered a step to help Microsoft close the gap with its rivals.


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