Friday, 19 July 2013

Blackberry P9981 Stylish Gold Plated Design

Blackberry P9981 Stylish Gold Plated Design: This product line business success by the luxury features along with its superior security compared to other smartphones on the market.
Blackberry P9981 Stylish Gold Plated Design
Recently, Digilux a leading company in the field of gold coated digital technology products based in CMT8 No. 81, District 1 Ho Chi Minh City launched the blockbuster hit this gold plated P'9981 24K diamond engagement than 200 natural

This Business Unit said mechanism, the P'9981 plated 9 1 micron thick layer of 24K gold and set with natural diamonds are carefully selected around the bottom edge of the cap and the camera.

These products are manufactured according to the order of business in Hanoi NHD. 

Entrepreneur D order the P'9981 owner said, due to the nature of work have frequently met with foreign partners to owning one phone gilded class is also helping him make a good impression with them.

Whether it's time or just use it on the table are also aura unparalleled luxury.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Anh representative Digilux firm revealed. At the present time, this is the first phone P'9981 only in Vietnam and covered almost the entire gold which we manipulated successful the result after more than 8 weeks of hard work by the artist Digilux.

Market entry of this blockbuster hit its main attractions are the hundreds of sparkling diamonds 24K yellow reflective background. 

Entrepreneur D despite a long wait but when holding the cricket love he said, It's more than what I expected The amazing! I was very pleased.


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