Friday, 5 July 2013

Coming Cheap HTC Desire Smratphone 200

HTC Desire Lumia 200 Price At 520 Level: HTC representative has confirmed to speak Desire 200 will go on sale at $3.85 million. 
Coming Cheap HTC Desire Smratphone 200
Thus, when sold Desire 200 will be cheaper 3rd phones from HTC, then the Desire C and the new model is discounts Rhyme.

The Desire 200 in Vietnam appeared quite early, before the time it was officially launched on the world market. 

This model is oriented to low-range segment with a modest configuration, including a 3.5 inch screen HVGA 320 x 480 pixels Solo single core chip core 1 GHz, 5 megapixel rear camera and 1,230 mAh battery capacity .

Compared to the Desire C the lowest priced product in its present time the biggest difference is the chip of Desire 200 higher speeds. 

In addition, the design of this product is considered more modern with a rectangular strip of speaker in the simulation of the design of the HTC One.

This model is slim 11.9 mm weighs 100 grams and has integrated Beats Audio sound technology which is special line of HTC phones.

Related products from HTC, the red version of the HTC One will be sold in Vietnam in late July . 

Meanwhile, an upgrade to the HTC Butterfly, Butterfly S units the more likely the market will dock in Vietnam in late July and early August.

A different model is considered as the collapse One of the HTC Desire is also just 600 on sale for $ 8.3 million.

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  1. The HTC Desire200 aim is to give us the high quality at an affordable price.It is a small, nice compact smartphone you will love to carry.


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