Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Elecom Micro USB, 3G Speeds Introduces

Elecom Micro USB, 3G Speeds Introduces: USB Elecom MF-SU3 integrated security software PASS standard AES of Elecom help users encrypt their data is secure. 
Elecom Micro USB, 3G Speeds Introduces
Technology company Elecom Japan today introduced a line market memory USB 3.0 super small in size only by a wireless mouse transceiver and weighs 3g but capacities up to 32GB and speeds access 80MB/giay. 

This USB line called Elecom MF-SU3 with steel casing and silver textured with 3 sold out capacity of 8GB 16GB and 32GB the size 22 x 12 x 4.5 mm with a coin that only only. 

Although compact but still above the integrated LED lights to indicate the operational status of the product. 

According Elecom 8GB and 16GB, the access speed at 60MB / s and 32GB at 80MB / s. The USB drive has been sold for $ 23 for 8GB, $ 33 for 16GB version and $ 60 for 32GB.


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