Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Facebook New Group Beta Tester Version 3.5

Facebook For Android Left Menu Bar On version 3.5: With Facebook 3.5 this does not exist anymore if you want to access the settings of the software you can slip from the left side through. 
Facebook New Group Beta Tester Version 3.5
Recently, members of the Facebook group Beta Tester has received Beta version 3.5 new in which the most important is the better support for HTC in particular and the phone Android no Menu key in general. 

In order to understand you remember the HTC One the phone typically with 2 touch pad is Back Home and no menu and when using Facebook on this we again see the menu bar difficult have appeared. 

Besides removing the menu bar the Facebook version 3.5 also allows you to save images directly into memory while browsing photos. 

Notification bar automatically downloaded to old messages when you scroll down near the bottom of the list. 

Additionally, some errors of the old version will be overcome as the error does not load photos in the News Feed on some machines or status automatically exit the software. 

To download Facebook 3.4 Beta you can renew enter the program Beta Tester of Facebook. 

All you need to do is to group Google+ this click Join Group then press to Become a Tester. Download link will appear for you.


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