Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Galaxy Note 2 Long Battery Time

The Galaxy Note 2 to the 9300 mAh battery, 288 GB capacity:
Galaxy Note 2 Long Battery Time
While the manufacturers are trying to launch products more thin a Galaxy Note 2 users said that the product design is not as important as the ability to use it.

Therefore, he has decided to regime in Note 2 with a storage capacity greater pin terrorist and of course the money he spent is not small.

Specifically, he is set to buy a SIM version 2 Note 2 in the Chinese market. Then he put a micro SD card reader to SD worth 27 USD Lexar memory card of 256 GB capacity worth $ 1,000 and a 8,500 mAh battery capacity value of 17 USD.

Still not satisfied with the battery you have to replace it with 9300 mAh battery $ 45 worth of Zero Lemon. 

As a result, the user interface on a hand owns the Note 2 to the 9300 mAh battery and 288 GB of storage.


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