Thursday, 11 July 2013

Galaxy S3 Still Hot

Galaxy S3 is still hot line in Vietnam: On the Android phone market a rare high end model that retains the old world charm as Galaxy S3. 
Galaxy S3 Still Hot
Currently, this is still one of the most selling products in the segment of high end phones both genuine and portable.

For example the HTC One X - products are considered direct competitors of Galaxy S3. One is the genuine X has stopped sales at many major dealers by low sales while with a laptop the price of this model is reduced to only 7 million equivalent to more mid range smartphone today .

Representing a prestigious retail units in Vietnam, said sales of Galaxy S3 has nearly halved after S4 sold out. However, after the fever Galaxy S4 subsided plus move right price adjustment Galaxy S3 regained and sales dropped by 25% compared with the period before S4 launched.

Currently, sales Galaxy S3 at retail outlets is still nearly double than the Lumia 920 Nokia's most advanced model to 5 times and the Sony Xperia Z. Currently the Galaxy S3 Genuine being commonly priced at 10.9 million dong.

On the side of laptops users can buy this product for $ 8-9 million. The many versions appear in Vietnamese market is dedicated to the Korean market or Japanese integrated 2 GB RAM.

He T. the owner of a portable phone down on Thai Ha street, said outside the hot products such as Galaxy S4, HTC One or a number of phones the price of 4,5 million Galaxy S3 phones are easier to sell the most portable. 

According to T. 8,9 million is a good price for a phone is considered a blockbuster of last year as S3. With integrated powerful configuration, large screen (4.8 inches) the Galaxy S3 proved not inferior to the current high-end smartphones.

The factory owners are not too different design than the Galaxy S4 is also a reason why this model retains customers by buying S3 users will not feel out of date.

Samsung is applying the correct strategy of Apple iPhone 4 and 4S with the only upgrade configuration and not experience much change in the design of the product. Thus, the Galaxy S3 still has good sales even if the new product launches life his T. emphasized.


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