Monday, 8 July 2013

Giants Technology Simultaneously Decrease

Profit from the giants technology simultaneously decrease: Samsung Which is the market leader evaluation Android Although there profit pretty good but still lower than expected. 
 Giants Technology Simultaneously Decrease
Specifically,profit of Samsung reached a record $ 8.3 billion but missed forecasts approximately $ 9.3 billion.

The reason may be due to sales of the smartphone Galaxy S4 is not as strong as expected the iPhone 4S still lost and the new Apple iPhone 5 to market. 

Another factor is that the company is spending too much on marketing, but not as effective as desired. This result makes the stock priceSamsung then slipped 3%.

However, the Samsung retains its position as the company with the highest sales in market Android Each surpassing Apple in sales and not only specializes in mobile technology. 

The other sub divisions Samsung can offset the slowed cell array. Predicting sales Samsung may increase in the future thanks to a series of new product designs.

In the meantime profit of HTC decreased to 83% compared to the same period last year despite the introduction of top phones HTC One. 

If compared with the previous quarter the profit of 41.63 million Taiwanese technology firms have increased but still lower than the predictions. 

The biggest problem of HTC at the moment is the fierce competition from Samsung with a series of design products at many price segments while HTC there are quite a few number of products.

Disappointed 2 mobile technology firm Android may give Apple a chance to impress during the launch of new products coming. However, the iPhone 5S Apple is expected to form only a minor upgrade the lack of a breakthrough. 

Therefore, Samsung and HTC still has a chance to go ahead if there is breakthrough technology.


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