Friday, 12 July 2013

Google Ads Crush Users Blackouts

Google Ads crush on content: With both broad keywords Google often give a lot of information but not the first search engine users this desire. 
Google Ads Crush Users Blackouts
For example, the word Auto Mechanic is one of the information that North Americans and Europeans old continent the two largest markets of Google now always very interest which is what the user gets only 13% of the screen to display the search results. 

Up to 29% of display advertising services from car repair service Google Adwords and Google Maps map also shows the locations for car repair company registration accounting for 7% and the 13 inch screen 1.440x900 resolution is quite popular nowadays.

Everything will be much worse if Google Search users browsing on mobile phones. With Italian Food keywords on an iPhone 4, users will be very hard to get the desired results. 

The first page is the advertising links, page 3 and then map the locations registered trademarks of Google to the 5th page of the search for new information revealed.

Google to talk business through advertising forms inserted into the free service as a search in the course. But if features quick plucking know of he broke has become dilatory the time by many advertising pages before finding the required information then sooner or later will cause the user to find pages with search engines more effective.

In fact, not only new Google search engine development. Yahoo has improved search interface Their simple style and search efficiency is also improved considerably. 

Microsoft's Bing has the ability to find the latest news related to the keywords the user to update information. And above all two of Yahoo and Microsoft services are at the advertising page Beer with optimism as Google


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