Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Google Hangouts Call Free Integrates

Make Calls And Receive Calls From Land Line: Google has made its promise to integrate function free calls to Hangouts. 
Google Hangouts Call Free Integrates
Basically, it works like the previous video call you can call with a button click in Google +, Gmail or extension of Chrome.

Basically this function is similar to Skype services provided. Users can make calls with low rates to land line numbers or cell of the water. 

Another great feature of Hangouts is supported entirely free calls to U.S. and Canada. With the number of students as well as people in Vietnam live in these two countries Google services received promises of great customer Vietnam.

For comparison we can see that Skype lost 27.5 cents / minute for calls while only consuming Hangouts 8 cents minute.

Upgrade this time of Hangouts can also help users to mix video calling and regular calling thanks to this integration that those who do not can still use Hangouts to chat.

In fact, this function has replaced Google Voice before Hangouts is designed to become the future of Google Voice, and the calls made, calls received only the first step. 

According to reports from Google unknown features have been integrated in this mobile version or not. If its future integrated applications users may not need to use the phone to contact.


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