Friday, 26 July 2013

Google Play Games Try And Download

Google Play Games Try And Download: This morning, Samsung has officially announced the financial situation in their Q2 2013. 
Google Play Games Try And Download
Accordingly, the revenues and profits of the electronics manufacturers to reach the highest number ever in turn reached 51 billion dollars in revenue and profits reached 8.5 billion relatively close compared to the company's expectations not long ago . 

Samsung said both revenue index distribution and sales of their smartphones increased compared to Q1 after launching Galaxy S4 which is a phone Android highest of them today. 

Thanks to the S4's quarterly revenue rose phone array 9% compared with the previous quarter. However, compared with the same period last year profit is somewhat mitigated. 

Analysts said that in the coming period the growth rate will slow down the smartphone market. Samsung is also confident that its smartphone sales rise in Q3 this year and exceeded forecasts in the global market. 

Moreover, contribute significantly to revenue this year is the Samsung screen array with profit growth rate reached 46% compared to the previous quarter but mostly large size TVs from 60 back more.


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