Wednesday, 24 July 2013

HTC One Break Genuine Box In Red

New Nexus 7 Opener Earlier Generation: Chassis made of paper but still petite but beautiful as the One X, One X + of 2012 previously but thin and more expensive area. 
HTC One Break Genuine Box In Red
HTC has changed the packaging for One 2013 blockbuster of them. 

Inside the case we have a few headphones against disorder and rubber button to change to suit ear size, USB cable charger and charging the three spoke several books and a user manual plants open slots SIM.

In the smartphone owners of 2013 FullHD screen the HTC seems more prominent due to the monolithic shell is made ​​of aluminum alloy materials. 

Thanks to this case that the machine feels more luxurious to hold but also create a major drawback is the heat capacity. Just use a short time as users feel the warmth in the back of the machine due to the thermal conductivity of the metal. 

It seems that HTC has used the method for plating anodes One red like the way Apple did with the iPhone 5, iPad mini as well as new generation iPod touch.

On the hardware side HTC One equipped with a quad core processor clocked at 1.7 GHz with 2 GB of RAM. With a memory capacity of 32 GB HTC has removed an expandable memory card slot on the One. 

Some other highlights of the hardware of the HTC One is in dual speaker system and BoomSound UltraPixel resolution camera with 4 MP front camera for wide angle to 88 degrees.


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