Tuesday, 9 July 2013

HTC One New Features Android Smartphone

New Features of Android 4.2 on HTC One: Home Technology Android Central has just revealed the first images of Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) on the official HTC One. 
HTC One New Features Android Smartphone
This update solves the nuisance around 5 Sense UI on Android 4.1 Daydream additional standby screen, features quick setup and lock screen widget and opt-out energy saving Notification bar and integrated directly into Blink Feed Instagram.

In addition, HTC has also added the option on / off black menu bar unsightly which is used to display the given application in Android 4.1 version. 

Users can display the application by holding the Home key.

Android 4.2 will be available for HTC One users across the globe within a few days via OTA. With the HTC One distribution network in the U.S. the self update to Android 4.2 may be different.

New Features of Android 4.2 on the HTC One Android Central introduced in some detail in the video below: 


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