Monday, 8 July 2013

iOS 7 Beta 3 With Improved Features And Bugs

Apple iPhone iOS 7 Beta 3 With Improved Features And Bugs: Apple released iOS 7 beta 3 in the right time.
iOS 7 Beta 3 With Improved Features And Bugs
The new software is now available for developers around the world who use the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and iPad mini. 

After the initial launch of over-the-air (OTA) update from Apple, the iOS installation files 7 beta 3 have been added to Apple's developer portal. With them, of course, is the complete change log detailing all the new features and bug fixes included in iOS 7 beta 3. 

For those interested in seeing exactly what Apple has changed and added in this latest software version, BGR has provided with IOS 7 beta 3 log complete change and is posted below.

iOS 7 was unveiled less than a month ago, and since Apple has carried out its third beta for the operating system. 

Yes, mobile developers, which means you have a new download coming to you from Cupertino that will solve a number of problems found in beta 2 and add some improvements too. 

IOS 7 beta program offers the opportunity to test iOS in July before public posting. 

The program is designed for application developers in mind, offering the opportunity to test the new features in the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch before the official release.

IOS 7 beta 3 is not a final representation of the new IOS and possibly some of the features shown in the IOS 7 beta and Apple not reach a bit remains secret.


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