Tuesday, 16 July 2013

iPhone 5S New Generation Will Be Produced

iPhone 5S New Generation Will Be Produced: This prediction coincides with the recent information appearing that Foxconn iPhone manufacturing partner recruiting large numbers of workers.
iPhone 5S New Generation Will Be Produced
Mr. Misek predicts Apple will release the iPhone 5S in the fall of this year and predictions from 25 million to 30 million units will be shipped in quarter 3/2013 followed by 50 to 55 million units will ship for season year end shopping. 

According to rumors, the new generation iPhone will use a faster chip, improved camera, have a longer battery life and a source said that the iPhone 5S will support.

Analysts also said Apple had begun to produce iPhone Lite cheap iPhone version for emerging markets but he estimated Lite iPhone will cost $ 300 ,400 USD but with this price it's more mid range smartphone segment is cheap smartphone. 

If such prices, iPhone Lite will be difficult to compete in the emerging markets, he said.


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