Thursday, 4 July 2013

iPhone 6 New Expensive Smartphone

Concept iPhone 6 7 new iOS platform : The presence of the iOS platform 7 is a great opportunity for the designers to make the iPhone 6his concept.
iPhone 6 Coming Soon Smartphone
A new concept of the smartphone iPhone 6 The first interface with iOS 7 is designed by ADR Studio.

In terms of design sample iPhone 6 concept with little change when the Home button is replaced with the familiar logo of the apple defect Apple with integrated fingerprint authentication.

Button sounds are more minimalist with 2 Retina display, 4.3 inch.

18 2 megapixel camera with LED flash and noise reduction. The power of iPhone 6 This comes from processor Apple A7, quad core CPU, 2GB RAM and run iOS 7 OS debuted.

iPhone 6 water resistant LED light notifier

Recently, two designers and Ran Avni Kaya Uygar has posted a video describing the iPhone 6with ultra-thin design is equipped with features waterproof, wireless charging and integrated LED light notifier.

This is one of the most innovative and beautiful concept for new iPhone Apple be posted on the internet each time.

Concept iPhone 6 AMOLED screen with 2 sides

Other than the above 3 design the author of this concept give an idea of ​​the iPhone 6 to display both the front surround and grab the back of the machine with a resolution up to 1,615 x 1,800 pixels.

Based on the new patent Apple Registration for the iPhone in the U.S. this really is a good design to pay more attention to this point.

Even so many people believe that there is no iPhone 6 shape will be preposterous as we know it.

The concept iPhone 6 frameless screen
iPhone 6 Coming Soon Smartphone
Add a bold new design made for iPhone 6. With two side edges have been removed completely now filled with 4.5 inch screen will occupy the entire width of iPhone 6.

In addition, the author adds other parameters such as the screen will have a pixel density of 333 ppi, A7 processor integrated 2.8 GHz chip.

Material as the body of iPhone 6 will consist of 60% carbon and 40% aluminum machine with the help of lightweight aluminum besides incredible strength of carbon.

Concept posted on this website Redmond Pie. Accordingly iPhone 6 will be equipped with a 3D camera on the back and a curved screen in front.

Smart phone with 3D camera is not new but is equipped with PC like 3D camera and the theater has not become a reality.

This may be due to lack of support on the devices and the convenience to watch 3D video anywhere but can also use the smart phone is not really keen on 3D technology on smartphones .

iPhone 6 5.7 inch HD screen

This design stems from the introduction of the new operating system iOS 7 and to compete with the Galaxy Note tablet as 3 and HTC One Max. It is possible Apple will offer a larger screen with a higher resolution on the next generation iPhone.

This concept shows the many benefits of a high resolution screen and larger include more space for icons and the use of applications such as Safari.

According to some sources the iPhone 5S will appear in 2013 and the model iPhone 6 will be launched in 2014.

It is still too early to talk about the exact features but a larger screen and new design are what designers think that Apple could equip the iPhone 6 .


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