Monday, 8 July 2013

iPhone Cheap Exposed

Cheap iPhone fully exposed: Most recently, the back cover of a cheap iPhone from Apple has been exposed to many different colors.
iPhone Cheap Exposed
However, there are still many skeptical opinions that it is just a building or a portion of the shell iPod Touch is photoshop. 

However, with Chris Chang  editor of the site MIC Gadget has posted a series of clear pictures of this product on the blog Techdy it seems all information previously leaked product This hot line is accurate.

Accordingly, cheap Apple iPhone right is made of plastic. This product has a 4 inch screen similar to the iPhone 5 design is quite similar to the iPod Touch. 

According to Chang, the holding Cheap iPhone does not feel cheap unlike the telephone line and use the plastic casing of Samsung.

One point worth noting is that the machine does not have the side rear tire will embrace the screen grabs like a number of Nokia Lumia cheap. 

In addition, the bottom edge of the machine is also fairly simple design with the headphone jack mic ports and 4 Lightning big hole where the speaker rather than fussy iPhone 5 or iPad mini.

Shortly after the iPhone cheap portrait was revealed Techdy site for posting this picture has launched a smartphone running Android products are designed exactly cheap iPhone Basic named Bear. 

Accordingly, the Basic Bear is designed with 4-inch screen, a resolution of 1,236 x 640 pixels quad core Snapdragon processor 600, 2 GB RAM and 8-megapixel rear camera.

The phone features integrated Qi wireless charging standard capacity 2,300 mAh battery Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with super cheap price only 200 USD.


  1. I have never ever know about the cheapest iPhon . I am really astonished to know this news. I think this is a cheap gadgets of iPhone.

  2. When I know this news about cheapest iphone I am so much surprise. Because we all are know that iphone is the most expensive iphone in the world so how can it possible. But I am really happy to know about this news.


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