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IPhone Sales Were Little Changed

IPhone Sales Were Little Changed: On the side of the store laptop iPhone 5 16 GB version still being sold at 14.7 to 15 million VND / unit depending on the store. 
IPhone Sales Were Little Changed
Apple has officially announced the financial statements for the second quarter according to which the company has sold a total of 31.1 million iPhones much higher than predicted by experts. 

Meanwhile, the reference in the stores large retail outlets in Vietnam both sales and prices of iPhone models are very stable in the past few months a relatively rare condition in the market Vietnamese schools in recent years.

Cellphones shops representative said the iPhone 5 and 4S sales are steady despite the new generation iPhone and the upcoming noise around a series of electric shock by charging iPhone users recently.

Meanwhile, iPhone sales of genuine decline slightly although prices remain stable. Specifically, the two operators are Viettel and VinaPhone will sell the iPhone 5 16 GB network locked at 15.7 million the open network is 16 million.

She Loan Director of Viettel stores Store Thai Ha - says iPhone 5 sales remained relatively the past few months. 

Meanwhile, the iPhone 4S sold genuine tend to slow down by the age of long products baby monitors and the price is still quite high. 

She shared Loan recently, the level of user preferences for iPhone products have tended to decrease due to face fierce competition from Samsung and HTC products.

A store manager sells Apple products in Cau Giay Street said the price of the iPhone less volatile in the long run is indeed a rare thing on the market. In previous years, the price of the iPhone tend to increase or decrease due to erratic power supply is not stable. 

In addition, product sales also constantly changing due to market demand as well as other factors but since the beginning of the year only the iPad tends to decline slightly to iPhone almost unchanged and the level Consumption is less volatile.

According to his explanation, the last few years the price of the iPhone is usually pushed up the new launches then slow down until the next generation iPhone sold. 

However, at the time of iPhone 5 sales so there is a big competition between stores dealers prices fell rapidly after iPhone sales. Therefore, the current price has been considered the floor price and the store can not be reduced, unless approved to do business is not profitable. 

Since then led to a situation and the price of iPhone sales were little changed in the past few months.

He predicts, only iPhone can market turmoil at the time of the new iPhone and Cheap iPhone launch. 

However, if the new product is an iPhone 5S not iPhone 6, iPhone 5 price will not decrease due to design differences. The same has happened with the iPhone 4 after the iPhone 4S launch he emphasizes.

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  1. I think iPhone 4 was the sold in large number than the iPhone 5 sold until now on launching in the market. en ucuz iphone


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