Sunday, 21 July 2013

Microsoft Announced Financial Report In A Day

Microsoft Announced Financial Report In A Day: The company's stock price has lost $ 4.04 compared to the first day ie 11%
Microsoft Announced Financial Report In A Day
This is the highest fell in one day for stocks Microsoft since 2000 and it has swept away 32 billion dollars worth of company stock. 

The cause of this is because investors worry about the future of Microsoft Windows segment revenue was down 6% compared to the same period last year. 

Microsoft also are subject to a $ 900 million loss related to the Surface RT units in stock and total revenue is slightly lower than Wall Street expectations. 

Its report also raises concerns about low demand for Windows and Surface tablet. 

Recently Rick Sherlund analysts from securities firm Nomura Securities who watched from Microsoft during the 1980s to now also said to pose the question of restructuring the company announced that CEO Ballmer last week. 

Phase reconstruction involves removing 5 business division of Microsoft and 3 groups responsible for these operating systems are included in a single department. 

Sherlund pessimistic about the above actions and he said that it would not fix the problem on Microsoft's tablet or smartphone.


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