Friday, 19 July 2013

Microsoft Statistically Revenue Profit 4.97 Billion

Microsoft Statistically Revenue Profit 4.97 Billion: Microsoft again statistically business situation because it's the 4th quarter of the fiscal quarter of each company. 
Microsoft Statistically Revenue Profit 4.97 Billion
Accordingly, in quarter 4/2013 my Microsoft has earned a total of U.S. $ 19.9 billion on all products and their services after deducting all the interest they cost 4,975 billion.

In this particular tablet products Surface RT has made ​​firm lost $ 0.9 billion, as the value per share decreased 7 cents on the grounds that the adjustment in the warehouse. number 19, $ 9 billion total revenue rose 10% over the same period last year however the EPS were $ 0.59 decrease. 

Trouble adjusting inventory of Surface RT may be more likely to understand the machine's sales are not as expected sales at warehouse goods led to the many existing machines and lease loss expense ware house yard. And below is the details of each segment revenue department Microsoft:

Array Windows: Revenue 4,411 billion. Interest 1.09 billion.
Online Services: Revenue 800 million. 372 million loss
Tools and servers: revenue 5,502 billion. Interest 2.33 billion.
The entertainment devices: 1,915 billion revenue. $ 110 million loss.
Enterprise Array: 7,231 billion revenue. Interest 4.87 billion.

Reportedly, this is the last year Microsoft division as part of the array, starting the new year they will restructure the company to focus more strongly on hardware products and its services for such as the Xbox Surface will be in a new segment called Devices and Studios.


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