Sunday, 21 July 2013

Motorola Smart Watch Developed Compete With Apple

Motorola Smart Watch Developed Compete With Apple: Self recruitment company engineers and construction Smart Watch own brand Motorola.
Motorola Smart Watch Developed Compete With Apple
In a recent recruitment of Motorola the company aims to search for a director specializing in the field of industrial design with experience in product development can be worn and can create a product world-class branded Motorola.

The design team will have the task to further the Motorola brand to compete with the emerging brand with smart meter devices as Apple,Samsung, LG, Motorola also said companies looking for an ideal candidate has over 15 years of experience.

Motorola's move is quite hard to understand when the company is owned by Google while Google Google Glass and development in a variety of firms reporting is also preparing to release the Motorola product Smart Watch seem to choose its own path . 

In fact, his involvement with the big Apple,Samsung, LG in the production of products that can be worn without causing much surprise in the community. 

Motorola has been in the market for two years with MOTOACTV products. This product is high-end devices capable of playing music and track support sports workout regimen. MOTOACTV with 600MHz processor runs Android and weighs 35g. 

This device will measure heart rate monitoring, statistical process running, walking and cycling, there are more GPS to determine the distance of the user exercise. 

In addition, the devices compete with Nike + also sweat and water resistant can store 4,000 songs.


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