Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Motorola X Phone Was First Revealed

Motorola X-Phone was first revealed to phone secret : Motorola posted a surprise message of Think Thin of Ultra Droid phone as an affirmation of this is super thin smartphone.
Motorola X-Phone was first revealed
According to Motorola Droid Ultra will appear with a variety of colors and designs from traditional Kevlar material of the firm. Kevlar is the material bullet proof vests manufacturer has appeared in many of Motorola products.

And remember, Motorola has been producing ultra-thin smartphone from Kevlar material like the Droid Razr M so it can form new phone will have a slimmer design all of its previous smartphone.

Ultra name as a subtext for this handset.

From the message of Motorola Droid can guess Ultra will run on Android OS. Earlier also many rumors appear to be the same with Google or Motorola handset manufacturers secret X-Phone.

Apart from a very brief advertisement for Ultra Droid, Motorola has not revealed any other information about the product.

However, according to information leaked back in May Droid Ultra will use the processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 600. Meanwhile popular blogger revealed Ultra Droid Verizon Wireless will be distributed in the coming months.

Blogger also said that besides Ultra Droid Motorola also produced many other phones like the Droid Maxx Ultra Droid Razr Droid Razr M Ultra and Ultra Mini Droid.


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