Tuesday, 16 July 2013

New Apple A9 Chip Manufacture By Samsung Start From 2015

Samsung Continues Manufacture New Mobile Chips Apple from 2015: Apple and Samsung in recent years continuously met in the trial by the copyright litigation. 
New Apple A9 Chip Manufacture By Samsung Start From 2015
Both are big market smartphones and of course the delicious pie market is competitive the dispute will happen.

However, the relationship between Apple and Samsung did not seem too nervous as to what the user can see. According to a recent report the South Korean electronics giant will offer the new phone chip for future generations of iPhone.

Newspaper The Korea Economic Daily said that Samsung will be the manufacturer of the A9 chip Apple based on 14nm process starting from 2015. 

The chip will go into production and be used on devices for the iPhone 7. According to reports the iPhone 7 will appear at the end of the first A9 chip production lines in operation.

The report comes a few weeks after another report said Apple and a company from Taiwan has reached agreement to develop a comfortable 20nm chips for new devices next year. 

The report also showed A9 chip name is mentioned and probably until 2015 and both companies are Samsung chip supplier for Apple .

As of the moment Samsung has produced a number of proprietary processors for devices running the iOS operating system of Apple including the latest A6 chip. 

However, Apple has cut its dependence with Samsung since the company's biggest competitor in the market smartphone firm.

If a report from The Korea Economic Daily is correct then Samsung and Apple still owe to each other fate. 

And maybe the Apple separated completely from Samsung the company provides for its chips from 2007 to now there is a story not ending.


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