Thursday, 25 July 2013

Nexus 10 Running Android 5.0 Released With Near Future

Nexus 10 Running Android 5.0 Released With Near Future: After the launch Android 4.3 and Nexus 7 new yesterday night (24/7) in Vietnam now Amir Efrati editor of the newspaper. 
Nexus 10 Running Android 5.0 Released With Near Future
The Wall Street Journal people often make the news credibility of Google has revealed that he received some information from Sundar Pichai about the future of Google TV and Nexus 10. 

According to an account posted on Twitter by Efrati, Pichai said that Google TV devices will soon be launching new and the new Nexus 10 is manufactured by Samsung and will be announced in the near future.

In the fall of this year namely in October, is a time when we expect to see the emergence of smartphones the new Nexus with Android 5.0 also known under the name Key Lime Pie. 

This is the perfect time to launch a new Nexus 10 and a new version of Android along with it. Nexus 10 is to be released in the month of 11/2012 so if the new Nexus 10 release in October will create an annual release cycle for this tablet.

According to technology news site Android And Me Nexus 10 was not as successful as Nexus 7 and the Nexus 7 new owner full screen HD Nexus 10 will continue hard sell. If the new Nexus 10 really exists we will soon know more information about it in the near future.


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