Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Nintendo Sales Sold Only 162 Thousand Wii U

Nintendo Sales Sold Only 162 Thousand Wii U: The decline in this revenue to net profit of the company by nearly half compared with Q2/2012 which was 8.6 billion yen equivalent to 88.26 million. 
Nintendo Sales Sold Only 162 Thousand Wii U
Nintendo has released financial statements for quarter 2/2013 ended on 30/6 of their past in which the company earned 81.55 billion yen equivalent to 832 million down 9.7% compared to the same period last year and 3.8% lower than in Q1. 

Justification for this is not good business says Nintendo Q2 past they only sold 160,000 units Wii U around the world alone accompanied by more than 1 million copies for the console game. 

Thus, from April to the end of 6/2013 then Nintendo sold only in half of the Wii U over the first quarter of this year the current total number of machines sold worldwide is approximately 3.61 million units less than quite a lot compared to the 5.5 million that Nintendo had put out. 

In addition, Nintendo also said last quarter it had sold 1.4 million 3DS handheld gaming console down 25% compared to the previous quarter but sales of game machines increased to 49% thanks to the new game. 

Tomodachi Collection, New Life in Japan and Animal Crossing, New Leaf. Also in this report Nintendo has given the revenue projections of fiscal 2014, will end on 03/31/2014 9.4 billion and net profit of about 562 million earnings per share (EPS) of about $ 4.4.


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