Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Nokia Losing Patience With Microsoft

Nokia Losing Patience With Microsoft: To give a reason why you switch we need to ensure that your favorite applications not only on the basis of us and we have better. 
Nokia Losing Patience With Microsoft
In an interview with The International Business Times  Mr. Bryan Biniak vice president and general manager of application development Nokia expressed disappointment because the lack of support from Microsoft for the Windows Phone platform in general and Nokia particular.

In addition, we also have to bring a unique experience not available on other devices.

Currently we are releasing multiple devices on a regular basis and of course these devices without a new application we do not know to whom and how the opportunities wasted potential.

Besides, we are making an impact on the community at Microsoft have to understand that "time is very precious. 

Fiscal year came to a close if not until the end of the financial year that have not achieved title the one thing we must be difficult because of the many machines to sell.

Do you think consumers to use their favorite applications every day and they will not switch OS platform with applications being poor. 

You will not convert to a poor foundation because want to change my phone? An appropriate phone is not just about the hardware but the software must incorporate.

He also mentioned that in order to develop critical applications is not necessarily only a single programming. At the same time he also promised that the critical applications will also soon be available on Windows Phone.

According to what Bryan Biniaknoi we must understand that Nokia is putting greater pressure on Microsoft  and Nokia are also a point of impact to Microsoft that the company should change behavior when working with mobile devices the key to success is a strong platform and a diverse range of applications.


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