Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Nokia Lumia 625 New Features Design

Nokia Lumia 625 New Features Design: Kye said although the biggest screen in the Lumia family but still product is designed to bring the feeling friendly and definitely comfortable to hold in hand. 
Nokia Lumia 625 New Features Design

Immediately after the Lumia 625 official launch, Nokia Conversation has 2 quick interview engineers and Jenny Kang Cui Kyeyoung from Nokia Design about the new features of Windows Phone design on the largest of the Finnish phone company. 

He explained that, The pure and seamless approach is at the heart of our design. This is achieved thanks to a clever combination between materials and design.

Looking over Lumia 625 brings the same shape as a pillow and very natural. The glasses are bent on the corners. 

On the back is also made slightly bent,Kye said the design team chose the most seamless design that manipulate the touch screen is made easy. 

The rounded edge machine with the back arched Lumia 625 makes automatic positioning of hands when handling.

In parallel with the design team to develop materials and colors also busy working to improve data quality polycarbonate material and give it to a new level. 

Similarly elder Lumia 620, Nokia Lumia 625 also possesses removable shell, made ​​from a single block of translucent polycarbonate and inner layers diffuse color with shades of gold, orange, light blue, white and Dark. 

Chassis is complete the form and surface roughness layers allow colors to appear magical than. Jenny concludes, Information technology equipment often brings a sense of cold. But we wanted to create something that looks more warm and lively.


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