Thursday, 4 July 2013

Nokia Lumia To Running Up

Nokia Lumia To Running Up To Android Smartphone : Last week Mr. Pierre Ferragu  an analysis of old guard of Bernstein Research, said there concerns about situation than business Nokia Especially financial problems.
Nokia Lumia To Running Up
He also expressed the view that Nokia should escape the shadow of Microsoft to produce a few phones running Android Before it is too late.

The Ferragu his concern is not new. It has been the subject was repeatedly sold several times by analysts and the tech forums by loyal fans of the Finnish phone company since Nokia Married to Windows Phone in 2011.

The quit to switch to Windows Phone phone manufacturer Android will result in the account of Nokia loss of a large amount.

However, when Google is ready for its opening launch phones running version Original Android Nokia We have a great opportunity.

A handset running Original Android Version is not integrated any custom or proprietary interface from the manufacturer.

Samsung is a pioneer in launching a Galaxy S4 Google Edition, Then the HTC One . According to a recent move Sony and Huawei will also likely produce a version Google Edition Ascend the Xperia Z and P6.

Nokia with the product owner great quality hardware. The Lumia 920 is a sturdy product creativity while Lumia 925 slim and attractive again. Imagine a Lumia 920 interface Original Android and a variety of color options to attract users how.

Although not configured in the form of top but with parameters such as dual core chip HD display Lumia 920 can fully satisfy all the user's actions Android. In addition the 8.7 megapixel camera of Pure View Lumia 920 is definitely secondary users Android coveted but never had the chance to experience.

Interface customization is a major obstacle for Nokia. Companies like Samsung, HTC, Motorola and LG have changed the icons interface and features Android  to make a difference. If Nokia seriously intend to Android.

They also need to create a separate interface so. However, to get that interface Nokia will have to spend money and time to develop something precious to them at this time.

However, if you produce a phone running Original Android Nokia will not invest any penny. This device can also be immediately launched, to compete with rivals from Samsung or HTC.

Do not give up Windows Phone

A Lumia running Android root medium can help Nokia for more just a measure of response from users see the attractiveness of the combination Nokia + Android Where large.

Say make more by Nokia should still keep Windows Phone as its primary platform. Maybe they are not really successful with Windows Phone but this operating system is what makes the difference Nokia.

Over time Windows Phone will gradually improve over the updates. In addition,Nokia is also the manufacturer of a Windows Phone device in the world today.

It would be foolish venture company dismisses Windows Phone to jump into such a cramped environment Android. In addition to cost time and relentless efforts to shift large one Nokia also face significant risk of failure.

These include examples such as Acer  the company only sold one million handsets Android each year or HTC  the founding spirit of Android but still struggling with revenue problems.

Windows Phone will still be the trump card of Nokia but besides that, the launch of a version of Google Edition uses the available hardware is a good strategy to help them have more money and a new fan base.


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