Friday, 12 July 2013

Online KT Game Industry Development

Online Game Industry in Vietnam: On 20/07/2013 in order to create opportunities for community development enthusiasts online games to share and learn together. 
 Online KT Game Industry Development
We can listen to the experience of domestic and foreign experts VNG Corporation Seminar Development of online game industry in Vietnam 2nd 3rd floor in Flemington Building, 182 Le Dai Hanh Street District 11.

This will be an annual event of the company in the field of online games in Vietnam and companies abroad.

At OGDC in 2013, besides the participation of the community of enthusiasts game and experts in VNG participants also listen to guest speakers from the development studio game industry leader in Vietnam.

Main content of this workshop is to share practical experiences in making game and how to develop products game. The development strategy game as well as the concern about jobs.

An important element will be doing hot OGDC 2013 Game Mobile fashion trends have strong appeal as smart phones has become universal today.

Taking place in July when the village game was exciting with new game launches especially the Ministry of Information and Communications recently held a seminar on the management of online games in order to facilitate business conditions in developing countries the conference. 

Development of online game industry in Vietnam organized by VNG provides much it contributes to the vivid picture help the community have a more complete picture of industry online games and bring people in the industry but more rewarding playground exchanges.


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