Thursday, 11 July 2013

OTT Applications Most Battery Saving

Zalo is OTT applications most battery saving: Along with the strong growth of smartphones, tablet computers is the introduction of OTT. 
OTT Applications Most Battery Saving
The applications able to provide call features messaging on mobile devices using an Internet connection. 

Similar to the applications other criteria to evaluate a applications good lies not only in features but also optimize energy savings to deliver long use time users.

Typically, the applications OTT developers will be pre set features the same stealth device when connected to network clients can update status and constantly interact with each other without interruption. 

However, the downside is the amount of power consumption for certain push data to keep constant connection. It was for this reason the applications with the different manufacturers will have a different consumption.

A simple test between OTT currently popular include Viber, Kakao Talk, Zalo, Line, Skype and Facebook Messenger through measurement tools Battery Stats Plus on Android 4.1.1 operating system smartphone uses HTC One S showed applications.

Most energy drain is Kakao Talk and Facebook Messenger with 22% battery for 1 hour continuous use both calling and texting. 

The applications OTT Others include Viber Line or Skype have reached an average level of consumption in the range between 18% ,20%. On the contrary,Zalo create the impression when finishing with just 16% to save battery power consumption in the test set.

Own terms in Vietnam market with strong competitive advantages of the OTT the Zalo is applications medium capable of supporting the rich features and capabilities to save battery . 

The current version 1.0.8 ofZalo seem to have better improve the energy drain of applications This compared to the original. It also showed the tremendous effort of the VNG manufacturers want to offer the user aapplications Vietnam Net worth in all aspects of usability for both energy savings.

At Bar Camp event held in HCM City on 7/7 last representative Zalo shared that the last time out Zalo customer repeated threatened to remove immediately application This mobile phone from reason energy drain. 

The pressure that forced people to Zalo rushing to find an urgent solution to the problem of energy saving. Up to the present time the level of energy consuming Zalo decreased 4 times the first time according to the results of the Agilent 34401A multi meter measurements one of the power meter on the best selling in the world today.

In general, the applications OTTare probably the better choice. Despite that the battery consumption depends on many other factors such as ROM version temperature speed of data transfer and processing capabilities of the system but also the numbers on the ability to reflect the actual consumption of the application OTT but Zalo is probably a reasonable choice for telecom terms, the climate of Vietnam.


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