Friday, 26 July 2013

Photo Sphere Of Android 4.3 New Feature

Photo Sphere Of Android 4.3 New Feature: When Android 4.2 release Google announced a new feature in the original camera app called Photo Sphere.
Photo Sphere Of Android 4.3 New Feature
This feature allows the user to create a spherical panorama image 360 degrees almost completely covered the space around her.

Now, on Android 4.3  Google has upgraded Photo Sphere for the better. According to Evan Rapoport chief project manager Photo Sphere his team has improved mosaicking algorithm to balance the horizon the error occurs in the overlap of the image is also minimized.

See the picture on the first post, you can see the horizon of the beach is quite straight. If you like, you can click the source link to see all 360 degrees.

Additionally, Google has also improved the exposure compensation for each individual frame so that they can work together more harmoniously when results are aggregated into complete.

The area has high contrast will have more uniform color.


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