Friday, 12 July 2013

Pinterest Page Abusing Information

Pinterest Page Abusing information: Through sending mail the hacker uses the logo of social networking big confusing the user mail comes from reliable sources.  
Pinterest Page Abusing information
They were driven access malicious links thereby paving the way for hackers to penetrate the device.

The Trend Micro security experts said the user will receive a notification e-mail account Pinterest password has been changed. 

Traditionally, users will think your account was hacked lost someone, will visit the link to view the status led. It was at this time the new account hack really happening. 

Link leads will redirect the user to address a series of websites that will eventually install a trojan horse override the settings and install malicious code on the user computer cridex backdoor.

The malicious software is designed as a Windows installation will penetrate and steal bank account information from the victim which hackers can steal money managed by this account.

Users can avoid this stolen information is not accessed by the link on the lead only to change the password from the site Pinterest mainstream. 

At the same time users should also make sure that you are using the latest version of Java Adobe Acrobat Adobe Reader and Flash.


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