Thursday, 4 July 2013

Revo LEAD Hkphone Launches

Hkphone Revo launches super slim Full HD monitor: Revo LEAD owning a stylish new design unique completely different products Hkphone ago. 
 Revo LEAD Hkphone Launches
The maximum reduction of excess detail exuding an air elegance, exquisite drawn from the first sight. 

Equipped with high end chassis front panel is glossy black glass cover and the back is so designed to prevent scratches Revo LEAD confidence level expressed in a super slim body 8.5 mm.

Not only Hkphone favor with beautiful design perfectly LEAD Revo is equipped with 5 inch screen Full HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels the display quality is extremely smooth and bright with a pixel density of up to 441 ppi. 

This is a dramatic feature competition by the mid segment phone no product is equipped with Full HD large screen with a pixel density so high. Moreover, the screen design is almost no text visibility of Revo LEAD broad compared to other smartphone with 5 inch screen size. 

Along integrated chip technology OGS touch screen, high-end IPS panels, Revo LEAD gives users images bright colors, sharp and honest from every angle.

Our new product convergence trends latest current technology such as Full HD screen quad core configuration powerful .

And special price for this product is definitely cheaper than any equivalent product configuration by the current market we are continuing to pursue strategic commitment cheap genuine product Cheapest Vietnam, said Representative Hkphone.

Bring the power of quad-core processors 4 cores clocked at 1.5 Ghz, 1GB RAM 16GB internal memory and supports memory cards up to 64GB, Revo LEAD capable of smoothly handling all tasks work and recreation. 

Compared with the previous generation smartphone generation, chip technology 1.5 GHz quad core processor for faster processing speed  multi-tasking ability to run a lot better. 

Works with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean platform, Revo LEAD bring together powerful features best performance with smooth interface.

Equipped with the up to 13 MPx camera aperture f/2.2 and last up to 8 MPx camera support to shoot Full HD 1080p, Revo LEAD can completely replace a pocket camera to capture authentic moments the most beautiful moment of life. 
 Revo LEAD Hkphone Launches
HD Lens's proprietary technology continues to be integrated Hkphone in Revo LEAD gives great pictures.

One of the innovations is to use Revo LEAD Yamaha sound chip for sound authentic able to excel in the deep bass that is strong and powerful. The music devotees will be free to enjoy the great tunes you love.

Like traditional products Hkphone, Revo continues LEAD equipped with 2 SIM design can help users significant cost savings when using 3G connection every month. Battery capacity 2300 mAh ensure abundant energy source to operate durable and efficient.

With the convergence of factors most advanced technology today many people believe that the price of the Revo LEAD will be in the range of $ 10 million. However, the machines are ordered sold in 120 showrooms genuine Hkphone from 5/7 with an amazingly cheap only 5.7 million. 

At this price Hkphone Revo LEAD is committed to genuine smartphone with quad core chips, Full HD screen available on the market today even asserted 500,000 donated by customers find genuine cheaper machines that equivalent configuration.

Now when buying Revo LEAD, customers are presented with valuable kit includes. 1 back wall 1 patch screen and copyrighted software applications. Besides, committed 100% satisfied allows customers to return the machine for 3 days Hkphone still apply. Find out more information  here.


  1. How can i get the REVO LEAD phone software??? coz in my phone software has currupted... please give the guild lines how to down load the applicable software..

  2. I want to buy new screen for my HK phone.from where to buy it?


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