Thursday, 11 July 2013

Revo MAX With Consumers Communities

Anh Huy a lot of people use smartphones said: Keywords Revo MAX is about 8 million Google returns results found in 0.1 seconds showing the user community is very interested. 
Revo MAX With Consumers Communities
The public survey the number of over 1,300 participants and survey satisfaction rate is 68%, the quality of Revo Hkphone MAX has been the main users appreciate.

Revo MAX is a breakthrough on the cheap smartphone market today because previous trend screen to the default which is only available on expensive smartphones and yet there are many cheap product quality involved in the Vietnam market. 

Machine weak convergence 5 important: large screen, powerful configuration nice slim design strong battery,very cheap price in Vietnam until this point.

Evaluation and interpretation of product quality than price his analysis. This is a bargain for buyers good processing quality the back cover is made of high quality poly carbonate material. Proven fact Revo MAX screen fitted glass bearing very good. 

Equipped with dual core to all activities of computer software such as running surfing the web watching movies playing games very smooth smoother faster 50% or more compared with the single chip products.  Coat your opinion is just one of the many positive feedback of the user community Revo MAX product.

Hkphone Representatives revealed Revo MAX has always received special attention of consumers through attractive pricing that the stable quality durable. It is no coincidence that we strongly commit to giving 100% satisfaction t that so far has not dared to apply firm commitment.

Machine sold for $ 3.45 million, the bonus gifts worth VND 850,000, including premium leather paneled back 500,000, 150,000 stickers screen 5 games and applications copyright 200,000, along with program 100% satisfied customers return the product within 3 days if not satisfied without any reason.

Moreover, customers are guaranteed Revo MAX commitment through genuine products cheaper in Vietnam  according to the customer within 5 days after purchase to find products that are not greater than the value of MAX Revo, but have a higher profile the product will be returned and received gifts of up to 500,000 e Hkphone.


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