Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Rival iPad Mini Competition

Rival iPad mini with $ 9.5 million: 3 Galaxy Tab 8.0 is considered a direct competitor of the iPad mini which was introduced in June last under the Computer 2013 event. 
Rival iPad Mini Competition
Currently, a large number of retailers in Vietnam listed prices or get put before this product with $ 9.5 million. Expected time of products on sale will be the end of July.

Compared with the 3G/4G iPad mini, the price of the Galaxy Tab 8.0 is still cheaper 3 nearly 2 million. 

In terms of design this product remains the traditional language of the Galaxy 2013 series with rounded edges for feeling smaller than actual size while holding the rear tire of the machine is made of plastic the edge is surrounded by a metal contour author.

One of the most eye catching product is factory integrated dual core Atom processor, Intel chip instead of Qualcomm or Exynos produced by the company itself. RAM Tab 3 of the 8 inch version is 1.5 GB. 

This model used 8 inch screen HD resolution, 5 megapixel rear camera and 4,450 mAh battery.

Related product line 3rd Generation Tab by Samsung the company will also release two different versions of the Tab 7.0 and the Tab 3 3 10.1 in Vietnam last July for $ 7.5 million respectively copper and 10.5 million.


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