Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Samsung Begins Capacity Production

Samsung Begins Capacity Production: The company said the first smartphone equipped with 3GB RAM of them will be present at this year it's possible or G2 Optimus Note 3.
Samsung Begins Capacity Production
Electronics firm Samsung today announced they will begin production of the RAM LPDDR3 capacity reaches 3 GB the highest in the world today for smartphones with data transfer speeds up to 2,133 Mbps achieved. 

3GB RAM Samsung's new designs in 20 nm technology the use of 6 LPDDR3 chip memory capacity of 4GB for a total of 24GB, 6 chips are placed symmetrically stacked and height thickness is only 0.8 mm. 

Samsung said last year it will begin producing a type of RAM 3GB only use 4 small chip inside 3GB promising new chip will be smaller than the above categories to help increase open space to increase extra battery for your phone. 

Currently, the highest capacity RAM is 2GB RAM device is fitted on the machine as the Galaxy Note II or Optimus G Pro. 

Large RAM enables us to run applications and games are heavier faster download and run a smooth multitasking especially for a hungry operating systems like Android configuration.


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