Monday, 8 July 2013

Samsung Saturated Smartphone

Samsung's profit was lower: Than forecast raises concerns given that the smartphone market has shown signs of saturation.
Samsung Saturated smartphone
Industry giant Korean II/2013 quarter ended with a turnover close to 57 trillion won in net profit reached 9.5 trillion. 

Although this figure is much higher than a year ago 47 trillion won and 6.7 trillion won but still lower than the forecast of analysts. Accordingly, analysts predict Samsung is able to achieve profitability in excess of 10 trillion won.

Samsung is a huge force in the mobile market. Nearly half of all smartphones sold in Europe branded Galaxy. 

The company selling the Galaxy S4 in late April and quickly rolled the 10 million mark within the first month. After that the company issued a series version of eat the S4, S4 such as mini. Sales of Galaxy S4 is very important for Samsung, which is 2/3 of the profits come from the phone.

However, Samsung's smartphone sales did not reach the expectation is that analysts and investors extremely nervous. Bloomberg has even warned that Samsung's Galaxy brand began to weaken after a few in the glory years.

Richard Holway  President Tech Market View market analysis firm said the main problem lies in the smartphone market in the developed world is falling into a state of saturation.

As a result the manufacturer must make products cheaper for emerging markets. All the manufacturers are trying to roll out cheap products to increase sales in markets outside the development.

Speaking of the prospects of the new equipment Mr. Holway said: It is difficult to make the same profit from the smartphone product replacement. iPad, iTV or are unable iWatch .


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