Friday, 26 July 2013

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Price Announced

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Price Announced: Just this morning, Sony Vietnam has quietly announced the official price for big screen phones Xperia Z Ultra. 
Sony Xperia Z Ultra Price Announced
Thereby the product is priced at 17,990,000 not much different than the predicted value. 

But rather than frantic times announced Xperia Z this round of Sony just announced the order at some dealers such as Mai Nguyen, Nguyen Kim, Telecommunication A. 

Besides the familiar Sony Center and the gift depending on where customers booking. Gifts can include a rechargeable battery backup CPF1LS 3500 mAh capacity, machine or piece of leather tiles where applicable depending on sales. 

Total gifts worth an estimated 2.4 million. Users have to order at the dealer right from today (26/07) the expected delivery time is 08/08/2013. 

In Mai Nguyen said that they will deliver on 08.06.2013 on the occasion of the opening of the new showroom at 144 Vo Thi Sau Street, District 3, HCMC. 

For accessories were introduced with the Sony Xperia Z Ultra,Sony Vietnam said the products will appear after Z Ultra Xperia distributed. 

If only its own product line phone Sony Xperia Z Ultra broke the record for the highest price from the genuine product ever distributed in Vietnam.


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