Thursday, 25 July 2013

Tablet Sales Will Surpass PC

Tablet Sales Will Surpass PC: In the past year sales of the tablet has been booming and Google predicts the end of this year tablet PC will be officially over in terms of sales. 
Tablet Sales Will Surpass PC
This can be a big part of the products cheap tablet that is most striking Nexus 7 in particular and other devices running Android in general.

Sundar Pichai said: It was more than 2 tablets were sold worldwide there are a running operating system Android.

Meanwhile Google Play also witnessed remarkable growth to 2.5 times the profit that the application developer obtained. 

Additionally, site technology PhoneArena says downloading of applications has reached more than 50 billion. 

This is just two of many notable figures have been published on the potential Google's tablet Android and services Google Play .


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