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The Smartphone Of Addictive In Korea

The risk of soulless slaves as smartphone in Korea: You Park Jung In 11 years old always clutching his Android phone to sleep.
The smartphone of addictive in Korea
Every morning wake up the first thing is to see her friend's message. Throughout the day whether at school on the way home or even in the toilet she did not leave the phone.

In areas without Wi-Fi are you really upset Park said her AP .

High rate of smartphone ownership.

According to market research firm emarket  and 70% of the population of South Korea's 50 million people owning smartphones the highest percentage in the world. 

This makes parents worry about the impact of technology to the child.

Many of today's young mothers to the smartphone game to have more peaceful when at home. I think this is very dangerous. 

Ages easy to use as small as addiction said Lee Jung Hun psychology at Catholic University of Daegu told AFP .

AFP citing data from the South Korean government said more than 80% of the country's youth aged 12-19 own smartphones in 2012, double the 2011 figures. 

Nearly 40% of them spend more than 3 hours day for online chatting or playing computer games though teachers had custody of the children on the phone earlier in the day and only returned after school.

Jang Hee Kwon, who is a teacher and is currently operating a civil society movement against technology addiction said the biggest concern right now is our smartphone because parents may neglect is in control of the child to use the phone rather than the computer. 

A separate survey of government estimates that nearly 20% of South Koreans addicted to smartphones based on criteria such as time of use feels more fun when playing with a smartphone uneasy worried Europe banned the use of phones ...

Speaking in a class of 10 year old children social activist Kim Nam Hee warned they are in danger of becoming soulless slaves because of the fascination of technology items themselves.

Society in the

South Korea is the first government in the world to apply drastic measures to technology addiction.

We expect to quickly solve the dangers of addiction to the network increasing, especially in the context of intelligent electronic devices increasingly popular, AFP reported result of the Korean Ministry of Science China announced a policy to link with the Ministry of Education and Health.

This policy specifically aimed at primary school or kindergarten. Accordingly schools must organize special classes for the Internet addiction organized summer camps to help students shun technology.

Kindergarten teacher Kim Jun Hee said that today's smartphones like new toys to the children thus proving harm and guide addiction to start soon.

Kim herself is also applicable to classes for children 3 years old his parents must both participate. A commitment card that girls in her class wrote. 

I promise to only 30 minutes per day playing Nintendo. Dad also promised to reduce gaming on the phone and play with more children.

Speaking to students 10 years of age Ms. Kim Nam Hee  active member of his group Kwon  warning they could become losers from the world. If you use the phone like an iPhone but not too much brainstorming they will lose thinking ability to create something amazing and groundbreaking as the iPhone.


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