Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Toshiba SDHC Exceria Memory Card Announced

Toshiba Announced SDHC UHS Exceria Memory Card 260 MB: The electronics manufacturer Toshiba has announced two series SDHC Exceria. 
Toshiba SDHC Exceria Memory Card Announced
Exceria Pro first generation standardized application of Ultra High Speed ​​II which organized the SD Association announced at CES 2011 . 

Compared to previous generation cards Exceria, Exceria UHS-II speeds of up to 120 data records MB / s and exceeded 240 MB / s with Exceria Pro version. 

This rate has surpassed the XQD standard has a maximum recording speed of about 168 MB / s. If the index x familiar this memory card speeds up to 1600X . 

Therefore, this series aims to store images in ultra high resolution RAW image capture, video recording 4K .

Exceria Memory and Toshiba new Pro Exceria meet standard SD Memory Card Standard Ver . 4.10 SD Association organization. 

In theory the card manufacturers can create products with a maximum speed of about 312 MB ​​/ s. Exceria Series three capacities 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. 

Both products are expected to appear on the market since 11/2013 at a sale price is not disclosed. Reference price for version Exceria UHS-1 memory cards 32GB 83 USD.

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