Thursday, 18 July 2013

Virtual Accounts Create Professionals Social Networks

Virtual Accounts Create Professionals Social Networks: Why would people spend money to buy virtual account the friend does not exist. 
Virtual Accounts Create Professionals Social Networks
People like Clegg saw the obvious potential: celebrities especially pop stars as well as businesses want to be followers or views of major Like Twitter , Facebook . The more we seem to be hit as they are more easily entice new arrivals Follow. Thus, the sales market turns Like Follow born.

Clegg is just a chain of underground world where virtual business account on Facebook , Instagram, YouTube,bloom. But this he said, only Twitter bring about huge profits. 

He hired Indian programmers produce bots can make mass account Twitter Follow purposes increases for celebrities.

To sell these accounts, up to 13 websites Clegg. He must do so by Google hate trafficking of Like / Follow virtual so each site Clegg to use optimization algorithms various search engines so that they can be displayed on the search results.

To access simply type the purchase of keywords, such Twitter followers Google and they will be led to sites specializing in goods and then select the number of Like / Follow where they need it to the payment process. 

Average 1,000 followers on Twitter is $ 11 USD. Every day 80,100 Clegg received an average order value and the most common is 30 dollars but also very high order.

For every $ 6,000 of revenue achieved Clegg was entitled to $ 2,000 after deducting expenses bot written lease, rent SEO for website development, customer service. Clegg lives in Cheshire 29 years old and this new market participants but no longer has achieved £ 85,000, equivalent to $ 128,500, in the last 10 months.
Virtual Accounts Create Professionals Social Networks
It all sounds simple but Clegg said nothing is easy. It simultaneously maintains more than a dozen sites, to ensure that they are always displayed on the search results quite tired. Group programming and production in India paint the virtual account. 

These accounts also have photographs, documents and contains the message to look like a user is. For example the account is a fan of Justin Bieber will post pictures related to the singer or share messages from the account of Justin Bieber.

Clegg also always have customer support when required. Google, Facebook and Twitter are often caught purge big. As 9/2012 Like tens of thousands more on the Fan Page of Facebook no thanks disappears from the system, including Texas HoldEm Poker site Zynga losing its 96,000 fans. 

50 accounts were born from the same IP within 24 hours immediately within sight and wiped out in the next 24 hours. So we had to find new ways to go before the mechanism confidentiality of Twitter . 

Purchase Fan Like selling is not something you can show off to parents who love. It is a shameful job Clegg acknowledged on PC World.


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