Thursday, 18 July 2013

Walkie Talkie Mobile Coming Soon

Walkie Talkie Mobile Coming Soon: Land Rover F8A radios capable of around 500-600m, helped make free calls with clear sound the price is less than 2 million.
Walkie Talkie Mobile Coming Soon
Talkie feature helps make free calls extremely sensitive to sound clarity.

With aggressive design and durable Land Rover F8A use 2 sim 2 waves online with many attractive features such as camera take pictures with camera 2 megapixel, mp3 player analog television channels with many interesting lead.

Especially A8F Land Rover also functions as a radio with antenna extended. Within the scope of 500m without obstacles radio feature works very well and stable clear audio and large broken quang. Dung 3880 mAh battery for use up time to 2 weeks. Customers will be presented with how convenient set rotation

Refer to sample some exclusive phones other signs:

Products with unique designs ultra compact only slightly more than 2 fingers fancy while ensuring the full integration of the current trendy features such as photography music player FM radio and a memory card slot expansion.

Its case is made of shiny metal offers the elegance regal. Holding hands is still very strong despite relatively compact size.

The edges are more elaborate to bring irresistible charm. The keyboard and the back cover of the hairline K83 slip out also increases the product's aesthetic to new heights.

Phone Battery healthy Admet B30 with bunkers designed to keyboard some attached to poles to display crisp and clear. The strength of the product is accompanied by computer battery capacity up to 5000 mAh help you keep in touch more than 10 days without having to worry about recharging. 

In addition to the super durable battery B30 also can charge for many other phones. Products using 2 sim 2 waves with full multimedia features trendy like taking pictures, listening to music, playing games, surfing the web, expandable memory card slot and ultra super bright flashlight handy again. 

Mode flashlight is turned on while holding the # key bright lights shine in the dark to find the road or objects. B30 is meaningful gifts for grandparents, parents, family members.

Mobile A8i Jeep pit design, super durable chassis is surrounded by protective layers of plastic and rubber casing with shock resistant resist the harsh conditions of the tiet.

May using technology 2 sim 2 waves online very good support multimedia features most notably the powerful subwoofer system used in noisy environments high quality videos mp4, 3gp, machine performance available with Bluetooth, FM, GPRS. A8i being discounted 590,000.

Durable Phone A8S with battery usually about 1 week shock resistant technology 2 sim 2 waves online very good support multimedia features most notably the powerful subwoofer system be used in noisy environments high quality videos mp4, 3GP, factory integrated Bluetooth, FM, GPRS, Camera 1.3 Mega pixel.

The highlight of the Land Rover S3 is 2 pin total capacity of up to 3,600 map allowing the user to listen to call 1,800 consecutive minutes, 2,200 hours of playing time. Through actual test, the machine's battery can be used in the normal needs about 15-20 days. Here is a sample of healthy cell phone hit before.

Phone Hummer H1 with strong design style, bunkers withstand bumps shock resistant, waterproof good. Especially this durable phone is real smart when carrying the Android operating system with ample storage applications. 

Chip processor up to 1Ghz machine, supports both front and rear camera with fashionable connections such as Wi-Fi, GPRS, GPS, camera 5.0. In addition to the ability to excel, Hummer H1 install applications or games. You can also call or message for free. Capacity is 2,800 Mah battery in the machine.

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