Tuesday, 30 July 2013

War Samsung and Apple fans

War Samsung and Apple fans: This result marked the first extended kimchi technology through apple of the possibility of making money.
War Samsung and Apple fans
It believes CNBC says Strategy Analytics research firm pointed out that operating profits in the mobile phone sector Samsung reached $ 5.2 billion in the second quarter profit exceeded estimates that 4.6 billion Appleachieved for the iPhone product. 

Margin of Apple in the cell array has recently decreased due to poor sales of the iPhone 5 positive and increasingly fierce competition said Neil Mawston, CEO of Strategey Analytics said in the report.

However, on the website AppleInsider a critic of the side fan apple has hit a cold water  on the aforementioned report said that the report put out inaccurate information. 

Analytics report with the aim to giveSamsung a virtual achievements seems to have ignored the truth instead of providing actual information Critics named Eran Dilger who writes about companies and products AppleAnd evaluation.

Mr Dilger, Strategy Analytics calculates that profits Apple obtained from the iPhone in a simplistic way by dividing the total $ 9.2 billion profit that Applegiven in the earnings report. 

In addition, Mr. Dilger said that profits from iPhoneApple Strategy Analytics has been directly compared with profits of Samsung the array of information technology and mobile telecommunications firm whether this array of products including tablets and PCs.

Strategy Analytics said it compared the profits in the mobile segment Apple directly with cell arrays SamsungNot to mention the other devices such as personal computers. However, the article onAppleInsider has sparked a debate on Twitter with a series of fansApple defended the apple.

The debate on the profitability of the cell array Samsung and Apple takes place in the context of concerns that the smartphone market are entering the stage of saturation and slowing growth in China could worsen the prospects of this industry.

In view of the AppleInsider more likelyApple and Samsunghave similar levels of profitability in the mobile segment. Meanwhile, expert Benedict Evans of Enders Analysis consulting firm, said that it is difficult to calculate the exact number of business results in the division ofApple.

AppleiPhone has no private parts, so operating costs are mainly pooled for both iPhone and iPad. Therefore, the calculation of the iPhone operating profit is difficult Evans said.

Strategy Analytics has tracked profits Appleand Samsung in the mobile sector over the past 7 years. The company has used the same method to make an assessment that profit from an array of mobile phones Apple over Nokia in the third quarter of 2009.


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