Saturday, 13 July 2013

Wi-Fi Network Widely Used Public Infographic

The Danger Of  Public Wi-Fi Network: Today, the network Wi-Fi is widely used has brought many benefits such as high flexibility allowing the network to less than cable. 
Wi-Fi Network Widely Used Public Infographic
But Wi-Fi networks to many potential security risk. You should be more careful when you are online networks in which you do not know or do not trust such as when using Wi-Fi in the bar Local coffee. 

When you're connected via Wi-Fi hotspots anyone around that can monitor the information transmitted between your computer and Wi-Fi hotspot if your connection is not encrypted. 

Avoid perform important activities such as banking or shopping through the public network . services provider can monitor all traffic on their networks which may include personal information of you. 

However, if you use an encrypted connection services for your web service this service can make someone difficult to infiltrate your operating much more. 

Would you like to know you the ability to hit Data theft via public Wi-Fi network is like? And how to protect your data? Let us consult Infographic below.


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