Monday, 29 July 2013

Xbox One Wireless Hand Control Headphones

Xbox One Wireless Hand Control Headphones: In addition, a wireless headset will not come factory Xbox One when sold but it will be sold separately for $ 24.99. 
Xbox One Wireless Hand Control Headphones
After announcing the price of game consoles Xbox One is the $ 499.99 today Microsoft said the hand controller will cost $ 59.99 if purchased separately intended use. 

More importantly, hand control of the game and the Xbox 360 will not be compatible with older Xbox New One. 

Policy sales of Microsoft and Sony are very different though Xbox One and PS4 compete with each other on the market. 

While Micrsoft gaming console is priced at $ 499.99 Sony PS4 sale for only $ 399.99 and bundled earphones. 

If you buy Xbox One and a wireless headset a price to spend up to $ 524.99. In return the sensor Kinect is integrated with Xbox One while with Sony buyers will have to add $ 59.99 for PlayStation Camera .

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