Thursday, 18 July 2013

Yahoo Investment Technology By Mobile Advertising

Yahoo Investment Technology By Mobile Advertising: CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer has decided to buy Admovate advertising companies to grow. 
Yahoo Investment Technology By Mobile Advertising
According to Yahoo Admovate have technology to help marketers advertisers reach their desired audience at the right time and place.

This acquisition of Yahoo for that matter that the company is currently suffering from improving advertising because advertising segment accounted for the majority of revenue from services Yahoo provides. The mere advertising display many traditional non-profit created to Yahoo .

In the second quarter Yahoo had revenue report showed the company lost 11% of revenue from display advertising over the same period last year. The advertisers have switched from Yahoo to another company such as Google, Facebook and Twitter.

The new company will now provide advertisers with more options object much better Yahoo . An example can be seen as Facebook has announced first quarter revenue was $ 1.45 billion this year of which nearly one third coming from mobile advertising.

Scott Burke senior vice president of advertising array Yahoo said We are investing further in the acquisition of mobile advertising company. 

Admovate engineers will join the development team of Yahoo in Sunnyvale they have the task of improving the mobile advertising service existing Yahoo and develop new projects.


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